M.R.Sakhare School Hubli

Excellence is not a destination; it is a journey that never ends.

Hearty Wishes and regards to each one of you. Its my privilege to head M. R. Sakhare English Medium school with the students strength rising to 1636. The staff guiding and supporting both CBSE and STATE streams amounts to 84.

I wish to place on record my gratitude to Dr. Prabhakar B. Kore. MP. Chairman, Board of Management, K.L.E Society, Belgaum for having reposed faith and confidence in me. I am indebted to Chairman and Members of School Governing Body. I am thankful to all the Directors, Life Members of the Society whose guidance strengthens the administration of the school of this caliber.

With a paradigm shift in the field of education we, at KLE M.R Sakhare aim not only at academic excellence but also promote holistic development of the child. The school philosophy empowers the child to explore beyond the textbook and become lifelong learners, thus embarking on a quest for excellence. The core aspect of value education is deeply embedded in the comprehensive school curriculum. The plethora of events and activities help each child evolve as an academic achiever as well as an ethical and caring global leader.

Infused with an iron clad will to succeed, the passion to excel and the perseverance to accomplish, each student at KLE marches ahead setting historic benchmarks. Fuelled with higher aspirations and motivations, we carve out a luminous path each year and redefine success. I am confident that with renewed faith and vigour we will scale loftier heights and set benchmarks that make us all feel proud.

A school plays a crucial role in shaping a child’s future. Not only does this include the provision of education and ensuring learning, but moulding the character, morals, and value system of the child as well. A school provides the foundation needed to view the world as a limitless space providing innumerable opportunities to shine.

We, at KLE M.R Sakhare, strive to provide education that explores, challenges, and grooms every aspect of the child’s personality. While we are determined to provide seamless learning targeted towards excellent academic performance through the incorporation of the latest teaching approaches, we also ensure that we are actively working on the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual training of our children

We believe that all children can learn and commit to nurturing the potential in each child. We focus on contextual learning based on a constructivist theory of teaching & learning to provide techniques such as problem-solving, learning by doing & inquiry-based learning activities. Our teachers help students to test their ideas, draw conclusions & inferences in a collaborative learning environment which transforms the students to become active participants in the learning process.

Parents play a vital role in the education of their children. We happily welcome all our parents to take an active role in the education of their children and to be the active participants in our school life. Get to know the staff, especially the child’s teachers and assist where you can so we can work together in the interests of everyone. I am eager to work with our parent community in supporting their children in their education. We always strive to build strong parent teacher relationship which is very important for the academic success of our students.